How Cordless Window Treatments Could Transform Your Home

Author: Michael Keeton | | Categories: Home Automation , Window Blinds , Window Treatment

How Cordless Window Treatments Could Transform Your Home

Homeowners now have an ever-increasing number of options when it comes to window treatments than ever before. With options such as wood blinds, faux wood blinds, solar shutters sliding panels and much more, choosing the right window treatments is no longer an easy decision. What homeowners should keep in mind is not just styles and materials but choosing the right lift system, which can make all of the difference.

One of the several options that are now becoming a raging trend is the switch from corded to cordless blinds due to its several advantages.

The obvious advantage of installing cordless blinds is that they are much safer for little children and home pets. Children at home are always prone to playing with things that can be found all over the house including window treatments.

When you use window treatments that have cords, there is a risk that children or your pets may wrap the lengthy cords around their necks, which may lead to an accident. With cordless blinds, you eliminate the entanglement hazard to anyone or anybody in the house.

Another advantage of cordless blinds is that they are easier to use. Corded blinds have the tendency of developing loose and dangling cords which makes them prone to breaking and deterioration over time. Whereas cordless blinds only need a push to open and a pull down to close. In regard to maintenance, cordless blinds require very minimal effort and time.

By eliminating the cords, your window treatments can be more of a home styling decoration and not just mere window coverings because of the clean and attractive look they have.

The only disadvantage about cordless blinds is that they generally cost more than corded blinds and shades. However, if you call Affordable Amenities now, you can take advantage of the FREE cordless option we have in store for you. To get in touch with us, please click here.

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